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Performance Plus Full Service Oil Change Includes:

Up to 5 quarts of Quaker State Motor Oil


A new oil filter


change oil

Reset ‘Oil Life Monitoring System’


Adjust tire pressure


Check wiper blades


Check lights and blinkers


air filter

Check engine air filter


Add washer solvent


Check transmission fluid (add if necessary)
Check coolant/antifreeze (add if necessary)
Check power steering fluid (add if necessary)
Check front differential fluid (by request)
Check rear differential fluid (by request)
Check transfer case fluid (by request)
Inspect fuel filter
Inspect belt(s)

Welcome to Performance Plus Quick Oil Change

Performance Plus is dedicated to meeting all of your vehicle’s oil change and preventative maintenance needs.

We pride ourselves on fast, convenient, and friendly service. Our trained technicians have the knowledge and know-how to provide you with the best service for your next oil change.

Performance Plus Quick Oil Change Centers offer the highest quality Quaker State Synthetic Blend motor oils with our standard full service oil change which always includes a new oil filter and a multi-point inspection.

Other premium motor oils are also available which include; Quaker State DEFY High Mileage, Quaker State Ultimate Durability Full Synthetic, Shell Rotella and many others.

Qualified technicians will examine your vehicle’s fluids and filters, adjust levels if necessary and notify you of any service(s) that may be due. Your tire pressure will be adjusted to ensure the best fuel economy as well as the reduction of tire wear. Under carriage inspections will be reported to inform you as to the condition of your vehicle.

Our goal is that you leave knowing as much as we do about your vehicle. 

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Preventative maintenance services

Air filter replacement
Cabin filter replacement
PCV valve replacement
Light bulb replacement
Wiper blade replacement
Serpentine belt replacement
Fuel filter replacement
Differential fluid replacement
Automatic transmission fluid replacement
Coolant replacement
Power steering fluid replacement
Manual transmission fluid replacement
Transfer case fluid replacement
Fuel system cleaners
Water repellent windshield treatment

Headlight restoration