Performance Plus is Being Green!

We Are Committed To Providing Environmentally Friendly Services

At Performance Plus we are doing our part to “Think Green.”

Our locations have receptacles for recycling our cardboard, paper and plastic which has effectively reduced more than 60% of our landfill waste. Used oil filters are also recycled for their metal(s).

All used motor oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and gear oils are recycled for uses such as asphalt paving, heating oil for furnaces and as fuel for power plants to generate electricity. Used antifreeze/coolant is also recycled and repurposed.

Performance Plus Quick Oil Change Centers are committed to recycling used goods, conserving energy and minimizing our environmental impact.

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Preventative maintenance services

Air filter replacement
Cabin filter replacement
PCV valve replacement
Light bulb replacement
Wiper blade replacement
Serpentine belt replacement
Fuel filter replacement
Differential fluid replacement
Automatic transmission fluid replacement
Coolant replacement
Power steering fluid replacement
Manual transmission fluid replacement
Transfer case fluid replacement
Fuel system cleaners
Water repellent windshield treatment

Headlight restoration