We Offer a Selection of Premium Oil

Performance Plus also has a full line of specialty oils  for your vehicle:  

  • Quaker State Oil Choices
  • Shell Rotella Oil Choices
  • Mobil 1
  • Valvoline  

Performance Plus also provides many other preventative maintenance services: 

  • Air filter replacement
  • Cabin filter replacement
  • PCV valve replacement
  • Light bulb replacement
  • Wiper blade replacement
  • Serpentine belt replacement
  • Fuel filter replacement
  • Differential fluid replacement
  • Automatic transmission fluid replacement
  • Coolant/Antifreeze replacement
  • Power steering fluid replacement
  • Manual transmission fluid replacement
  • Transfer case fluid replacement
  • Fuel system cleaners
  • Water repellent windshield treatment
  • Headlight restoration

Performance Plus Full Service Oil Change Includes: 

  • Up to 5 quarts of Quaker State Motor Oil
  • A new oil filter
  • Reset ‘Oil Life Monitoring System’
  • Complete chassis lubrication
  • Adjust tire pressure
  • Check wiper blades
  • Check lights and blinkers
  • Check engine air filter
  • Check cabin air filter
  • Add washer solvent
  • Check transmission fluid (add if necessary)
  • Check coolant/antifreeze (add if necessary)
  • Check power steering fluid (add if necessary)
  • Check front differential fluid (by request)
  • Check rear differential fluid (by request)
  • Check transfer case fluid (by request)
  • Inspect fuel filter
  • Inspect belt(s)
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